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What do parents and students say about Mrs. Gorby’s courses?

Dear Mrs. Gorby,

I just wanted to congratulate and thank you.  Today I received word that I was granted six hours of English college credit from Criswell College.  The Provost said that my score on the CLEP exam was the highest he has ever seen in 15 years of experience.  I attribute my success to you.  You prepared me for the experiences I have had in college.  If it had not been for your excellent instruction, I would not have passed the CLEP Freshmen College Composition Exams.  Thank you not only for providing me with outstanding training in English, grammar and composition, but also for your life example to me!            

Love, Amanda

We are so thankful God brought you into our lives.  You have encouraged both Josh and Evan.  Before Josh started your class, he hated writing.  You changed that for him and gave him skills he needed for life.  God has used you so awesomely in their lives and others.                

 Barfield Family


Thank you so much for being our favorite teacher!  You’ve taught us so much and we’re looking forward to continuing as your students on the internet next year.             

Janice and Carolyn


Thank you for the blessing you have been to our family over the past few years.  You have been a wonderful friend and teacher to Adrianne.  You have nurtured her gifts and produced a fine writer.             

Duvall Family

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